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    Warren Moore

    For a home office, the printing requirements will vary greatly.

    A few ideas to think about when purchasing a home office printer for under $500.00.

    1. Inkjet Printers
    2. Laser Printers
    3. MFP Multi-Function Printers
    4. Colour Printer

    Inkjet Printers are cheaper to by and more expensive to run.
    Laser Printers are more expensive to buy and cheaper to run.
    MFP Printers can be Ink-Jet or Laser and the same rules apply
    Colour Printers are more expensive to run than monochrome (black Ink) printers.

    An Inkjet printer is a great printer for a small amount of printing or colour proofing.
    If you print 1000 copies of a document, you need a laser printer.
    If you print 100 copies of different documents over a month, you can use an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

    When you replace the toner in a laser printer eventually you will also have to replace the drum which in most cases
    will be very expensive to the point that it is probably cheaper to buy a new printer that will be faster and cheaper to run.

    In Australia I find that going to office works and buying a multifunction printer, HP or Brother or Xerox for under $400.00
    will support most SOHO businesses. Never try to fix them, they are designed to be thrown away every 2 or 3 years and get a
    newer, faster and cheaper replacement.

    Sorry if this concept of throwing things aways upsets you, but it is reality, they are not made to last.

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