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    Warren Moore
    Participant can help your SOHO Business with marketing. Most of our clients are small singe person businesses, ELectricians, plumbers and builders. Tradies that need to spend their time doing the work and don’t have time to do the marketing. The problem with this vicious circle is that without the marketing your business will not attract the continuous flow of customers that you need.

    Our cloud business card lets you follow up with potential clients as you meet them and market to them to keep your potential customers top of mind.

    Ucard cloud is your cloud business card. A place online for your friends and clients to get your business card, find your contact details, and keep up to date.

    We create a cloud business card that you can send to your clients and friends. We create a premium business page as a central backlink to generate search traffic. We create articles of interest and include your cloud business card to help generate traffic to your Premium Page. We work with you to promote your business with social media campaigns and pay per click opportunities. We partner with you.

    Important Search Terms:
    Ucard, Ucardcloud, Accomodation, Artist, Builder, Cafe, Consultant, Contractor, Electrician, Finance, Hair and Beauty, Landscape, Locksmith … Read More …

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