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    Warren Moore

    Marketers use Keywords to connect Google search with website pages.

    In our example today we are going to use a tool to identify the key words appearing on a website. We can use these words to find the value and importance of the keywords.

    The website is

    Enter the domain name into
    The highest Word Weights:
    140 property is compliant with providing regular servicing
    120 complymy property
    75 smoke alarm compliance
    75 water efficiency compliance
    60 balcony safety compliance
    60 must be registered
    60 your property
    60 safety compliance
    50 read more
    45 comply my property


    The site is currently showing on Google for the following words.
    water efficiency test
    my property com
    my property com
    window locks on strata buildings
    window lock installation
    balcony railing
    window locks strata
    property icon
    strata window locks
    window safety locks nsw
    pool compliance
    property compliance australia
    pool compliance register
    pool certificate of compliance
    pool compliance services
    swimming pools act 1992
    >100 is a great free tool determine the relevance of a web page for a keyword or key phrase. It is important in terms of the position of a website in search results. The Google algorithm has many other factors that determine ranking and position.

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