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    Warren Moore

    1. You need to be safe
    2. You need to be comfortable
    3. You need to be productive

    You need to be safe.
    The work area needs to be clear and clean from obstructions. Remove all trip hazards and electrical hazards that can cause injury. If you were at a commercial workplace you would have a nominated fire warden for your floor and an escape plan in an emergency, you would regularly have fire alarms and fire extinguishers checked by an authorised person and you would not be allowed to put obstructions near any exits.

    Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that these safety precautions can be ignored.

    Your immediate work area needs to be designed to help you with continuous hours at the desk. It may be OK to have a chair from the dining room table at your temporary work desk when working on something for 30 minutes, but if you are planning on spending more than 6 hours a day working from home, the chair that you use needs to be able to cope with your weight and height, otherwise, you will end up with back pain and neck pain.

    You need to be comfortable
    The position of your computer monitor should be at your eye level, you should not be looking up or down to see the screen, and your room should have adequate lighting and ventilation. Fans or airconditioning may be needed is you are unable to open a window to allow fresh air to circulate.

    Treat your home office like you would a commercial office and stay safe.

    You need to be productive
    Set a routine or time table and stick to it. Include Exercise and family time, if all you do is work, your future is very bleak. A great guide is available at https://totalcommitment.cloud.

    The 6 necessary conditions for success

    • Health Commitment
    • Time Commitment
    • Family Commitment
    • Learning Commitment
    • Financial Commitment
    • Spiritual Commitment
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