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Warren Moore

SOHO computer support.

Some offices are restricted to the computers and software that they can use because of their clients and suppliers. It may be that you have to use a Mac to design your work because the software that you are most familiar with only runs well on a Mac. It may be that you have always used Windows and therefore don’t like to change, so you again buy a windows pc for your home office.

There are some alternatives for the courageous among you.

Lubuntu Linux is a free operating system that will work on most old computers that you have lying around. The software is vast and for most the learning curve is also vast. For offices that have been affected by ransomware, I try to talk them into changing to Linux. It is safe and productive. If your office software is cloud-based than the underlying operating system does not have to be windows.

I have found that the staff are unfamiliar with Linux system, so they just stick to the software that is installed for work and don’t get distracted by loading games and other software on their system. Linux as an operating system is then more efficient and effective.

Other productive devices are Samsung tablets, Ipads and smartphones. Often creating a portable, cloud-based solution is cheaper to run and more productive for the staff.

In the past there wasn’t an acceptable alternative to MS Outlook, and that use to be the game changer. Now G-Suite from Google has developed to become a acceptable alternative with the advantage of being cloud based and available from any internet connected location.

Evolution Mail is my preferred alternative to MS outlook. IT runs on the Linux desktop, has email, contacts, tasks and notes. It is very easy to backup and connects to both IMAP and gmail.